To iPhone or not to iPhone

Yesterday Apple released  their Q2 results and they weren’t pretty. Compared to the first quarter, net income dropped by 27% while compared to Q2 of 2012 it dropped by 18%. No point boring you with all the “exciting” accounting stuff, so enough with the figures.

However, in the mobile world, things are starting to look interesting. Some say…that in 2012 Samsung had a higher market share than Apple. (No, really, Reuters said that)


If you look at the chart, it shouldn’t come as a shock. Apple’s slacking and the market is picking up on that.

apple-samsung-patent-dispute-300x192-11390244I’m an iPhone user but not your typical Apple enthusiast – didn’t upgrade to the 5 because I didn’t like and didn’t think it’s worth the change. On the other hand, gotta admit I love Samsung’s S4 as well as that big flashy thing they call the Note II. I’m sure you know what they’re like so I won’t get into details, but as Samsung is carrying on, doing their thing back there in Asia, Apple is starting to become less the obvious choice when you think of getting a new phone. 

I think must of you have seen this ad ( but it’s so true. I mean, when the iPad 2 came out, at the flagship store in London, among many, there was a guy camping outside, waiting to be the first person to buy the thing, as he was the first person to buy the first iPad – in the interview, he said that his wife was actually in the hospital close to delivering their baby, but he had to be there to get the iPad, as he proudly put it. Are you kidding me?!

Apple’s always been good at building hype around their products and at matching enthusiasts’ expectations, but recently they’ve fallen behind on the latter and they’ve been penalised for that.

When it comes down to your phone, it’s a personal choice, but the phrase iPhone users were used to hearing – “you just got it because it’s the iPhone” (not because of the tech) – it’s starting to make ever more sense. 

The point is, Apple will need to blow the doors off with their next model or risk falling way behind the South Korean techies – that of course unless Kim Jong Un has something to say about it and really wants the Korean Peninsula to become an archipelago.





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